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One of the most exciting parts for me about my recent visit with Janet Clarkson in Brisbane was our trip to the local farmers’ market. Brisbane, being in the southern part of the state of Queensland, is sub-tropical, but much of the rest of the state lies squarely in the tropics which means, exotic fruits at the farmers’ market! In Brooklyn, there is no way we will ever see some of these things offered for sale by our local farmers, so it was lots of fun to browse.

This strange looking specimen is Monstera Deliciosa also known as “fruit salad plant.” To eat, you gently remove the scaly looking skin and eat the white pulp beneath. It tastes like a combination of pineapples and bananas, sort of tutti frutti.

The pineapples I had in Brisbane were incredibly fresh, with a subtle vanilla undertone. There were many different varieties available at the farmers’ market. I wish I could have tried them all.

Here are some luscious, purply, fresh figs, just waiting to be eaten.

Passion fruit grows like a weed in much of Australia, even further south in Sydney where it is not nearly as warm as Brisbane. My Australian husband misses having it around, so when I saw some in a green grocer’s shop in Brooklyn I bought a few as a surprise. They cost me $3 each. In Brisbane, Janet bought a whole bag for the same price.

Finally, a nod to Australia’s British heritage.


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I used to think of Thanksgiving as an invisible border when it came to the farmers’ market. The purveyors saved up a good amount of their best produce for the official holiday of gluttony, after which things slowly slid downhill until all that was left in the freezing depths of February were turnips and rutabagas.

Actually, it’s not that bad. We are without a fish monger for most of the winter (I wouldn’t want to go out fishing in that weather either!), but our meat sellers stick around, and there is always bread, milk, cheese, eggs, root vegetables and some hearty winter greens.

Quite a few NYC farmers’ markets are open all year round. Go for a visit, you might be surprised at what’s available. In the meantime, here are some photos of the Grand Army Plaza Farmers’ Market in Brooklyn on a rainy saturday after Thanksgiving:

Carrots and Beets

Baby Hakurei Turnips

Pinecones for Sale at the Christmas Tree Stand

A Very Orange Pumpkin

Beautiful Spinach Wet with Rain

This Houseplant Gives Us Splash of Color on a Gray Day

An Apple A Day. . . Especially if it's Raining

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Pre-Thanksgiving Shopping at Union Square Farmers' Market, NYC

Thanksgiving is a bit of a Busman’s Holiday for food bloggers, consequently I’m spending today in the kitchen. In lieu of a post, here’s a photo for quiet contemplation. I can promise you that the Union Square Farmers’ Market in New York City was anything but quiet this morning, but I survived.

Here’s our Thanksgiving menu this year:

Daniel Boulud’s Chestnut Soup which I found via Food News Journal
A Heritage Turkey from D’Artangnan
A traditional Sage, Celery and Bread Stuffing
Cranberry Port Gelée from Canal House Cooking Vol. 2
A Warm Salad of Autumn Greens with a Plum Vinaigrette from Fine Cooking
Potatoes Delmonico
Brussels Sprouts for People Who Think They Don’t Like Them
and my Mother’s fabulous pies, Mincemeat (with real meat!) and Pumpkin.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Food Zen


I have a bit of a cold so here’s a little something for you while I recover. I’ll post more about the Oxford Symposium soon.

I like the idea of posting a photo for contemplation; a bit of food zen if you will. This is a pile of crabs we had in August on Maryland’s Eastern Shore at Waterman’s Crab House.

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